How to connect Pepperstone Excel RTD

Test Pepperstone Excel connectivity

Install Metatrader and Excel RTD expert adviser. These tools are available from your Pepperstone client area.

Metatrader 4 will need a matching Pepperstone Excel RTD Expert Advisor.
Similarly, Metatrader 5 has an associated RTD Expert Advisor


Open Metatrader and double click on the Pepperstone-Excel RTD expert advisor in your Navigator window.

Pepperstone Excel RTD Advisor setup
Metatrader 4 Excel RTD Expert Advisor

The Pepperstone Excel RTD expert advisor window pops up, ensure that Allow DLL Imports is checked under the Common tab and press OK

Check Allow DLL Imports

When you see the Excel RTD link window, your Excel connectivity is up and running.
Ensure Accept Commands is checked, this allows your trading sheet to issue commands to MetaTrader
Take note of your Account ID as you will need this in Excel later on

Excel RTD link

Test your Excel Connectivity

Open Excel and create a tab named Account

Pepperstone Excel Account

On the top of the sheet, type your Pepperstone Account Number into a cell and name the cell AccountNumber, highlighted below in red

Name cell for Pepperstone Account
use a named cell for your account number

Using a named cell is important, as many of the RTD functions need your account number to work

To test your connectivity, let’s query your account balance in a cell. Paste the following cell formula into an empty cell on your sheet:


Note how we use the AccountNumber named range to pass your account number to Pepperstone. If all is working as expected, you should see a live account balance.

To retrieve more account information, take a look at our post here on tracking P&L in Excel with Pepperstone.

Account and P&L info from Pepperstone RTD
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